Post cards of the Railway Convalescant Home%2C Lavenham.

The Railway Convalescent Home Lavenham.
The Wool Hall at Lavenham was due to be demolished in 1911, as it had been bought by Princes Louise, Duchess of Argyll, to be re-erected elsewhere.

She was persuaded to leave the Hall in Lavenham, and with her own money restored the building and in 1913 donated it, to Mrs Culver, wife of the Secretary of the Convalescent Homes, as a place for railway women.

The Convalescent Home closed in 1961/1962 and was later sold to Trust Houses in 1963 and is now a part of the Swan Hotel, Lavenham. WWW.THESWANATLAVENHAM.CO.UK/

The reason the convalescent home closed was that the Lavenham railway line ceased to operate for passengers in 1961/1962 and freight in 1965.

Below are the gardens and to the right the matron's sitting room.

Garden and Materon's sitting room