Photographs taken in 1988 or 89.

Whitehall, Office of the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. Queens Pk. Savannah.Office of the Prime Minister of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. beside Queen's Park Savannah Port of Spain.

Stollmeyer's Castle. Queen's Park Savannah P.o.S.Ornate building beside Queen's Park Savannah%2C Port of Spain.

The Catholic Archbishops Palace, beside the Queen's Park Savannah.Ornate building beside Queens Park Savannah. Port of Spain.

  Queen's Royal College. Beside the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad.Queen's Royal College Port of Spain.

Ministry of Foreign Affiars. Millefleur, Queen's Park Savannah. Port of Spain. Trinidad.A government building by Queens Park Savannah

Carnival in Port of Spain.Carnival in Port of Spain.Carnival in Port of Spain.Carnival in Port of Spain.

 I am informed that this bridge was manufactured in Glasgow in Scotland by P & W MacLellan in 1898 and installed at Mayaro. It was transfered to Blanchisseuse  in 1955 and reassembled by 1956. So it is at least 112 years old. (Thanks to Simone for answering her own question, see comments)

Trinidad suspension bridge near middle of north coast

Silver suspension bridge over Marianne river at Blanchisseuse


Tobago. beach with coconut trees

Deserted beach. Xmas in Tobago.

Tobago. beach with just one girl.


 The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is 8 miles east of Venezuela and 1,100 miles east south east of Jamacia.

The east coast road to Mayaro.

The Coconut plantation beween Manzanilla and Mayaro on the Atlantic coast of Trinidad.

 Mayaro beach

Mayaro on the east coast looking south

 Mayaro beach

Mayaro on the Atlantic coast.

Trinidad north coast beach with surf

North east coast at sunset 

North West coast of Trinidad an easterly view from carpark on road to Maracas Bay

Maracas Bay 

Maracas Bay north coast Trinidad

North east coast at sunset 

Trinidad northeast coast view towards sunset

 Trinidad pitch lake
Trinidad pitch lake 1974Lillies growing in swamp beside the pitch lake


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