Canon EOS 500 with 400 asa film and through a 19 mm focal length wide angle lens and with a speedlite 420EZ flash gun set for an 80 mm focal length lens.

light at the end of the tunnel


This shop sign was there long before the Berlin wall came down and the so called "Iron Curtain" was dismanteled, and long before the migration of people from so called "Eastern Europe" to the UK.

Iron curtain shop sign


Toadsmoor lake in Autumn 1999

 The above was taken in Autumn 1999

Toadsmoor lake and lilypads in Autumn

Below was taken at 4pm in September 2006.

Toadsmoor lake in spring

Below- Taken November 2003.

Toadsmoor lake in Autumn


That snow ball in front of the garage is my car.

Snow on 6th Feb 2009


Bowbridge lane junction with A419

Warning elderly people.

The elderly persons sign is intended to caution drivers because there is special housing for elderly people about 100 metres along this road, it was not intended to direct them to the cemetery. About two and a half years after I posted this, the elderly persons sign was moved to a new and specially installed pole a few feet away from the one with a cemetery sign on it. I wonder why?



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