Photograph taken in 1988

Tomé esta foto porque el edificio parecía tan inteligente en el sol de la mañana. Yo no sabía cómo se llamaba. Era 1988 y en 5 minutos se me informó oficialmente de su finalidad y el error de mis maneras.

I was in Caracas as a tourist in 1988 and I took this photograph at 08:30 because I thought it looked so smart in the early morning sun. A few minutes later I was informed of its purpose and the error of my ways. I am very lucky that i still have the film. I have been advised that it would not be a problem these days.


This sign seems to have been used as a target. Do you recognise it? Where did you see it?   Comment?

Black sheep road sign or target practice


 Witch way doth the wind blow

weather vane at Browns Hill near Stroud

at Frampton on Severn

Weather vane beside the river Severn

Weather vane in Chalford

Old father time playing cricket. Near Quedgeley

weather vane at Chalford%2C near Stroud.

weather vane at France Lynch near Chalford

weather vane with gardiner. Chalford.

weather vane%2C fox. Browns Hill near Stroud

weather vane cow. France Lynch.

weather vane birds. Chalford

weather vane Badger. France Lynch.

weather vane. Horse and barge. Sharpness canal.



Above weather vane converted to a Log periodic aerial. A vane attempt at directivity.

A logperiodic is a wide band type of radio%2Ftv aerial.

Weather vane a crane at Frampton on Severn

seen at Eastcome Glos.


Owl weather vane

weather vane

weather vane horse and rider

A weather swan not a weather cock

Weather Vane sheep

Cycling in to the wind vane

Dancing in the wind vane

Sailing vane

Horse and fowel weather vane

Wind vane near Purton and the Sharpness canal.

Owl weather vane

French weather vane

Wind vane. Horse and ploughman

Windvane bird 


BSA Gold Star 500 weather vane

Weather vane with model plane

weather vane bird

Wind Vane cat and rat

weathervane with deer and moon

Weather vane at Dursley Golf Club

Wind vane of a yacht in Chalford



Summer 2008

Fountains in the lake

Over river Leam beside the park

 Doctor Jephson's memorial, it contains a statue of him.
Contains a statue of Doctor Jephson.
   Doctore  Hitchman s memorial fountain 
Unvailed 28-10-1869

Czechoslovak war memorial with a parachute fountainUnvailed 26-10-1968. click here for why its here. 

 The plaque behind the fountain.Czech war memorial plaque 

The Czechoslovak war memorial and parachute fountain. After the invasion of their country by the Nazis, Czech soldiers fled their country to fight back from abroad, after the fall of France 2,200 Czechs and Slovaks joined the RAF while 7,000 men of the Czechoslovak army were based in the UK of which many were based at Morton Padbox near Leamington. Some flew in the battle of Britain. A specially selected group who's names appear on the adjacent plaque and round the rim of the parachute on the fountain, flew from near here and were parachuted into their occupied home land to try to assassinate the deputy head of the SS, General Reinhard Heydrich, who Hitler had made Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia which is now the Czech Republic. They suceeded on 27-5-1942. There is much more to this story and the terrible revenge taken on inocent Czech people, eg. (Lidice) For more information on the assassination see


 The water dripping from the edges of the parachute on the top of the fountain are to represent the strings from the parachute. In the front is a sun dial. Growing on the left and right are patches of heather which were brought from Lidice which was a small town to the north east of Prague & which was notoriously obliterated along with its population in a Nazi reprisel for the assassination carried out by Czech parachutists who were based near Leamington. Their names are on the brass plaque behind the fountain and on the fountain. They were dropped in to occupied Czechoslovakia by the RAF during the early part of world war two. They were on a clandistine mission called "Operation Anthropoid" Their names appear round the fountain in this order. Jan Hruby, Adolf Capulka, Jaroslav Svarc, Josef Valcik, Josef Bulbik, Jan Kubis, Jozef Gabcik. They were based at Morton Padox refugee camp near Leamington. This photograph was taken by me in Jephson gardens in the summer of 2008.

Czech War memorial in Jefferson Gardens.

The mission was to assasinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich whom Adolf Hitler had put in charge of Bohemia and Moravia, which now form the Czech Republic. On the 27th May 1942, two of the parachutists waited on a corner where the general's car was expected & would have to slow at the road junction. One fired at Heydrich but the gun jammed, so the other threw a gamon grenade in to the rear of the car. The blast blew parts of the seat into heydrich and he subsequentially died from septisemia. Below you can see the road junction & Heydrich's open car.

Richt Protecter's  staff car after assasination attempt at this steep corner

Bellow is the wreck of Heydrich's open staff car. A reward was offered for anyone who could tell the location of the assasins. One of the Czech parachutists was caught & tortured to reveal the location of the others. They were being hiden by a priest in a Russian orthodox church. The German soldiers entered the church and there was a gun fight. Kubis was killed in the main part of the church. Gabcech and three others were in the crypt where they were trapped and comitted suicide. The Germans had fed a fire hose in through the slit but there was a drain inside allowing the water to escape.

Staff car damaged by the bomb thrown into the back seat.

Below is a recent photograph of the monument outside the crypt where the Czech parachutists died

Memorial at crypt where the Czech parachutists were trapped under fire and were flooded with fire hoses before they commited suiside.The The severn Czechoslovak parachutists of operation Anthropoid.

Czechoslovak Parachutists of Opperation Anthropoid

This is St. Karel Boromejsky Church in Prague in which they died. The priest was also put to death.

Church where the parachutists took refuge. Monument is left of the street light.

The same Russian Orthodox church but just beyond it you can see the Parachutist pub.

St.Karel Bromejsky Russian Ortherdox Church and beyond is the parachutist pub.

Inside the parachutist pub are many photographs & maps concerning the free Czech army during the occupation of their country by the Nazis in WW2.

Parachutist pub%2C contains many historical photos from this and other WW2 Czech actions.

Krcma u parasutistu = pub with parachutists.

I recomend the film "Operation Daybreak" made in 1976.

see also

For more about Jephson gardens and the monuments, click here



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