Summer 2008

Fountains in the lake

Over river Leam beside the park

 Doctor Jephson's memorial, it contains a statue of him.
Contains a statue of Doctor Jephson.
   Doctore  Hitchman s memorial fountain 
Unvailed 28-10-1869

Czechoslovak war memorial with a parachute fountainUnvailed 26-10-1968. click here for why its here. 

 The plaque behind the fountain.Czech war memorial plaque 

The Czechoslovak war memorial and parachute fountain. After the invasion of their country by the Nazis, Czech soldiers fled their country to fight back from abroad, after the fall of France 2,200 Czechs and Slovaks joined the RAF while 7,000 men of the Czechoslovak army were based in the UK of which many were based at Morton Padbox near Leamington. Some flew in the battle of Britain. A specially selected group who's names appear on the adjacent plaque and round the rim of the parachute on the fountain, flew from near here and were parachuted into their occupied home land to try to assassinate the deputy head of the SS, General Reinhard Heydrich, who Hitler had made Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia which is now the Czech Republic. They suceeded on 27-5-1942. There is much more to this story and the terrible revenge taken on inocent Czech people, eg. (Lidice) For more information on the assassination see